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Summer Camp

Summer Camp Information

At Hansa Soccer Camp, you will develop new skills to play and enjoy the game of soccer. The camp curriculum is designed to help develop players to gradually master simple to more complex ball skills as well as learn individual to more complex group tactics. Our teaching method is based on small sided game play (game based learning).

Our professional and licensed coaches will guide this progression with enthusiasm in an ethical and knowledgeable way. Players should participate at a level that is challenging and demanding for their ability. Every opportunity will be provided for a player to reach his or her potential. Within this progression players will develop responsibility for their own performance, learn the concept of team sport and learn life lessons. Our goal is to keep the passion for soccer a life long endeavor that will keep a player healthy for their lifetime. 

Hansa Coaches focus on technical, tactical, physical and psychological requirements of the game at each age level. But more importantly, they focus on the child as an individual and not just as a player on a team. Players will be split up into 3-5 age appropriate groups depending on the amount of players. Coaches will evaluate all players in our first session on Monday morning of each camp week and make adjustments based on level. Adjustments are at the discretion of Hansa staff coaches.

We offer lunch and sports drinks  between sessions. The program includes two t-shirts, a pair of shorts and a pair of socks for each participant. There are surprises in store every camp, including soccer giveaways.

At Hansa Camp you will play an internal World Cup in real uniforms of the best soccer nations in the world. The best team wins a miniature Hansa World Cup Trophy. Come and explore the passion of the game!

Hansa camps are open to all players that would like to improve their soccer skills to reach the next level of their game. These are not babysitting or day care camps.

Cancellations of full day and shortening of camp day due to weather conditions will not be refunded.

Only 1 uniform is distributed per player even if a player is in multiple weeks. Returning players bring both shirts on the first day of camp. Multi-week discount available, see Camp Discounts and Procedure section below.

Please make sure you read our Legal & Refund Policies.


COVID-19 UPDATE: At the moment, our camps are set to take place on the dates listed below. Keep in mind we are continually reviewing the summer camp programming under the guidance of local and state officials to ensure safety and the integrity of the camp programming. If for some reason an unforeseen change occurs, we will notify all families directly via email.

Hansa Soccer Return to Play Plan - Phase 5

2022 Full Day - Summer Camp Schedule


​Week 1 - June 13 - 17

Week 2 - June 20 - 24Borussia Mönchengladbach Camp. Training With Borussia MG Academy Coaches From Germany

Option 1: Full Day Camp including 90 minutes per day training FULL

Option  2: 90 minute session only per day 

Registration links & info on Borussia MG Camp Page

Week 3 - June 27 - July 1 - Full

Week 4 - July 11 - 15

Week 5 - July 18  - 22

Week 6 - July 25 - 29

Week 7 - Aug 1 - 5

Full Day Summer Camp Times:
Monday - Thursday: 9:30am - 4pm
Friday: 9:30am - 2pm

Full Day Summer Camp Age Groups:
6 - 16 Years

Please make sure you read our  Legal & Refund Policies.

2022 Half Day - Summer Camp Schedule


Week 1 - June 13 - 16 (4 day camp)

Week 2 - No Week 2 90 Minute Borussia Camp Offered

Week 3 - June 27 - 30 (4 day camp)

Week 4 - July 11 - 14  (4 day camp)

Week 5 - July 18 - 21  (4 day camp)

Week 6 - July 25 - 28  (4 day camp)

Week 7 - August 1 - 4  (4 day camp)

Times: 9:30am - 12pm Monday-Thursday (No lunch included)

Half Day Summer Camp Age Groups: 6 - 16 Years

2022 Hansa Summer Camp Tuition

Full Day Summer Camp Tuition
Professional licensed American and international coaching staff
Complete Puma uniform (2 t-shirts, shorts, socks) one uniform alloted per player
Lunch cooked by chef Adam
Raffle prizes
Trivia prizes 
World Cup prizes

Full Day Camp Tuition:
U7-U8 $339
U9-U16 $369

Full Day Week 2 Camp Borussia Tuition:
U9-U16 $399

90 Min Day Week 2 Camp Borussia Tuition:

U7-U18 $299

Please make sure you read our Legal & Refund Policies.

Half Day Summer Camp Tuition:

Professional licensed American and international coaching staff
One t-shirt

U7-U16 $249

Please make sure you read our Legal & Refund Policies.

2022 Camp Discounts and Procedure



DISCOUNTS FOR NON-SCHWABEN PLAYERS ONLY: Available Feb 7th. Not eligible for use during Early Bird Discount pricing

  • Multiple Weeks Discount - $30 Off each week following the first week Full Day Camp Only - Email Alicia for voucher:
    Enter discount code on the Features page of online registration: Avail  Feb 7th
  • Group Discount - $40 Off each registration if you are part of a group of 5 or more players attending the same camp week. Full Day Camp Only
    The group discount can only be used if you communicate the groups via email BEFORE registering the group members. Once a group is established NO player can be added retroactively. Please call 773-366-6640 BEFORE registering the group members to receive instructions. This discount cannot  be combined with the multiple weeks discount.

DISCOUNTS FOR CURRENT SCHWABEN TRAVEL U8-U18 PROGRAM PLAYERS ONLY: This is the only discount a Schwaben player can use.  Available Feb 7th. Not eligible for use during Early Bird Discount pricing

  • Schwaben AC Player Discount - $50 off for current Schwaben Players Only - Junior Program & Half-Day Camp not eligible. You will receive $50 off each week of summer camp. Cannot be combined with any other discount - applies only to full day summer camp. Email Alicia for voucher:
    Enter discount code on the Features page in the online registration

Feature Page For Discount Code Use

Feature Page Example For Discount Code


Schwaben Center - 301 North Weiland Road Buffalo Grove, IL 60089

A Typical Camp Day (Full Day)

9:30am - Check-in 
9:35am - Briefing to go over the camp schedule and activities for the day
9:45am - Warm-up
10:00am - Station training
12:30pm - Lunch, relaxation, trivia, raffle inside Banquet Hall
2:00pm - Small sided games in World Cup Modus
3:45pm - Finishing the day, collecting equipment
4:00pm - Pick-up (Friday pick-up 2pm)

What to Bring

For the Field
Soccer Ball - pumped
Soccer Shoes
Shin Guards
Water Bottle
Sunscreen and Bug Spray

Personal Items
Sandals/Flip Flops
Face covering

For Goalkeepers: Equipment
Goalkeeper Gloves
Hat/Sun Visor
Padded Shorts
Goalkeeper Jersey

Late Fee Pick-Up Policy

A friendly reminder that pick up time is 4PM sharp (Fridays at 2pm). If you know you will be late you must contact the camp director 24-hours BEFORE the late pick-up to confirm whether it is possible to have staff available to work for the additional time (, 773.366.6640). There will be a fee charged for this after care.

The Hansa Soccer Camp ends Monday to Thursday at 4:00PM and Friday at 2:00PM. Due to late pick ups a late fee policy has been established. Please understand that when a parent/guardian is late picking up their child, we must have at least one instructor remain at the site for the safety of your child. These instructors must be compensated for their time and this can ultimately cause an increase in our program fees for everyone.

Effective June 19, 2012 the following guidelines will be followed:

-A $20 late fee (per child) is charged for the first 15 minutes after the program closes.

-An additional late fee of $20 will be charged for the next 15 minutes. For example, if a parent arrives at 4:16PM, he or she will incur an additional $20 late fee, total fee is now $40 (per child).

-If a parent arrives after 4:30PM, the fee will increase with a $20 charge (total charge for being 45 minutes late would be $60)

-***Late fee is to be paid immediately upon your arrival;failure to pay can result in termination from the program.

-If after 45 minutes Hansa instructors have not been contacted and are unable to reach a parent or guardian who is available to pick-up your child, the township police department may be contacted.

-Time is determined by the time on the camp director's iPhone.